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About deRocco Financial Group

Boasting a career spanning more than three decades in the financial industry, Greg brings a straight forward approach to a disciplined investment strategy. Greg has an extraordinary work history that started in 1985, when he became a licensed Agent of First Investors. In 1986 Greg received a degree in Finance from Iona College with a concentration on Investments and Portfolio Management. Immediately following graduation, Greg went to work for The National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), which is now known as FINRA.


Greg gained experience by investigating more than 100 financial firms during his tenure. While at the NASD, he received an Above and Beyond award for his examination work and was promoted to a supervisor. It was Greg’s time and experience with the NASD that he realized small business owners and individual clients needed a straightforward, honest approach to their investments. 

Greg is the sole owner of deRocco Financial Group. He is the Owner/Branch Manager of the Chelsea Financial Services Leland, NC office, an independent financial services firm and is contracted with numerous financial and insurance companies to ensure his clients receive and have access to the best products available to meet their financial goals.




Find out more about how our "No Minimum Production Requirements" and "No Proprietary Products" policies benefit our Clients through your "Stages of Life."

Our Primary Financial Services

Retirement Planning

Face the future full of promise with a retirement plan that meets your needs today and at your designated point of retirement.


Strategic Investments

We provide practical and strategic advice and guidance for your investment plan.


Estate Planning

Draw upon our full complement of services to safeguard and manage your assets. Enjoy your wealth today while protecting your legacy.



Protecting you and your loved ones with affordable and practical insurance solutions.


Portfolio Construction

Constructing your portfolio with the optimum mix of securities and diversification


Financial Coach

Guiding you through impactful financial decisions for your total financial health

Over 30 Years

experience helping clients secure their financial present and future, building diversified portfolios based on needs and risk tolerance.

Guiding Principles

Establish a financial plan

Start saving & investing today


Build-in protection against significant losses

Re-balance your portfolio regularly

Ignore the noise



General Securities Principal

Financial and Operation Principal

Government Securities Principal

Registered Representative

Life and Health Producer (Insurance)



National Memberships

Securities offered through Chelsea Financial Services, a National Broker/Dealer

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About Chelsea Financial Services

Trusted by Thousands of Clients & Licensed in 51 U.S. States & Territories


Chelsea Financial Services is a national independent Broker/Dealer, established in New York City over 23 years ago, licensed to offer securities and insurance products. We are a member of both FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), SIPC (the Securities Investor Protection Company) and MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. Clearing is handled through Hilltop Securities, a diversified investment bank with a long and successful history, dating back to 1946.

Free Consultation & Evaluation

Sound financial advice is based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with the current market and future trends, tempered by sound consideration. You’ll find all that and more with deRocco Financial Group. 

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