Financial Coach

Our goal as your Financial Coach:

Empower clients to make smart financial decisions by providing education on personal finance while working to create sound Financial Plans.

Financial Plans will first reflect their goals and tolerance for risk. Another goal is to help clients develop healthy money habits and the importance of saving and investing. We go over possible events that might affect them in the future and how the plan can be used to create an emergency fund.  

Once a plan is formatted, we form a portfolio to help them achieve their financial freedom. We keep track of your progress with ongoing maintenance and rebalancing as needed to make sure you’re on course to meet your goals. We’ll partner with you to revise your plan when needed. We spend time educating and teaching clients about the investments and the purpose why it’s a part of their plan. We believe an educated client will see the importance of staying the course on their plan during the peaks and valleys of the market. 

We believe each client has their own unique circumstances, so these “cookie cutter” financial plans that some advisors use is not the best situation for the individual client. At deRocco Financial Group, we aim to learn about your specific needs and objectives to better serve you so the Financial Plan will reflect their goals. 

A sound Financial Plan is based around four major elements, known as the four pillars: Cash flowriskdebt, and asset management. Once a plan is in place, the client will be able to take stock of their current situation, in order to be able to understand the importance of saving and investing so they may have a comfortable retirement. The client will be able to establish good financial habits and a financial well-being. The tailored plan starts with your current situation and runs through your retirement.  

Free Consultation & Evaluation

Sound financial advice is based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with the current market and future trends, tempered by sound consideration. You’ll find all that and more with deRocco Financial Group. 

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